Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a basket be made in a different color than what is shown?
A: Yes!  I dye my own reed to suit your decor.

Q: I have a specific place I would like to put a basket.  I would like a custom sized basket made to fit this spot.  Will you do that?
A: Absolutely!  I need the exact dimensions the basket needs to be.  Also, things like would you like a handle?  If so, wood, leather, ceramic.  Would you like color added?

Q: I have a set of antlers from a deer hunted by my husband.  Can you make a basket from his deer antlers?
A: Yes!  Having your own antlers made into a basket makes a great hunting story better!  Style & shape of the basket will vary with the shape of the antler.  A variety of color can be added to fit your decor.

Q: My basket seems to be dried out and cracking.  What can I do?
A: All baskets need a "shower" twice a yar to put moisture back into the weaving material.  DO NOT SOAK BASKETS IN WATER.  A quick rinse thru the shower will help remove dust and add moisture.  A misting with a spray bottle of water will also add moisture.

Q: The color is faded on one side of my basket.  Can I fix it?
A: Your basket has probably been in direct sunlight.  Direct sunlight not only color damages your baskets, but also over dries them and makes them brittle.  Keep baskets out of direct sun and mist them with water at least twice a year.

Q: I am making a basket and have it half finished.  I can't understand the directions.  Can you help?
A: I'm very willing to help if I can.  I am available by email or call (231) 215-6575 during business hours with your questions.

Q: I make my own baskets and would like to stain them.  What do you use?
A: I use an oil based wood stain.  Any on the market will work as long as they are an oil base not polyurethane or shellac.

Q: I am looking for a specific handle and I do not see it on your website.  Where can I find it?
A: Not everything I carry is on the website.  Email or call me during business hours with the specific handle or item you are looking for and I will do the best I can to find it for you or put you in touch with someone who can.

If you have any questions not listed here, feel free to email us any time or
call us during business hours at (231) 215-6575.